Euclid’s Elements of geometry is said to be one of the most important and influential mathematical textbooks ever written. Together with a team of mathematicians, professors and post-doctorates, we will honour the work of Oliver Byrne and completing in his style, all 13 books. Interpreted through minimalist illustrations, we will transform geometric references into visual concepts. In addition to the style used by Byrne, we will give the book our own minimalist touch; updating and building a text that is an experience to hold within your hands.

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Isaac Newton’s Principia
Mathematica reissue

Books are something to touch and look at. Not just read.
This is a very thorough and meticulously-produced edition.

We have spent several months working on a desire

The desire to have a new edition of Isaac Newton’s Principia in our hands that is on a par with the importance of the text and of modern editorial design. To put it back on our shelves so that we can leaf through it from time to time and feel the pages beneath our fingers.

The three main chapters of Principia are bound separately as three individual books, all contained within the main cover.

My Principia arrived today. It’s beautiful, thank you so much. I only wish now that I ordered two of them.

Todd Davis (

To show its serious side, we have gone for an absence of colour, working only with two direct colours, petrol blue and coral orange, which are two very bold colours that complement each other well.

One last detail is the dry embossing on each of the covers of the three books with the letters alpha, beta and gamma, bringing a touch of elegance. This is how we wanted this book to be valued: it is a collector’s book and, therefore, people will treat it as such, with care and sensitivity.

Isaac Newton’s Principia posters