About Kronecker Wallis

“Books are something to touch and look at. Not just read.”

We are not a large publishing company, on the contrary in fact. We do not know how to, nor do we want to, create a monotonous and characterless product.

Our approach is that of a craftsman; putting all of our knowledge and passion into our designs, wishing to convey our love of books to anyone who wants to enjoy them. In the end, it’s about keeping cultural, technical, scientific and philosophical heritage alive alongside us, just as these books deserve.

Kronecker Wallis was an idea that came to fruition over many sleepless nights: to create a small publishing company, merging the Founder’s passion for books, science and design. It’s a personal project, but is backed by a team of experienced professionals.

Kronecker Wallis is a small, independent publisher; reissuing Newton’s Principia, completing Byrne’s Elements & working on The World Through the Eyes of Alexander Von Humboldt.