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We are a small publishing company. So we do not know how to, nor do we want to, create a monotonous and characterless product.
It’s about keeping cultural, technical, scientific and philosophical heritage alive alongside us.

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Isaac Newton’s Principia reissue
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“My copy arrived Friday, beautifully wrapped and thoroughly protected. You’ve produced a fine, handsome volume. I’m going to show it to friends and colleagues at Virginia Arts of the Book Center. (And to my astrophysicist brother.)”
Katherine McNamara
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“Received and astonished! A labour of love always shows in the final product…”
Ponticulus Design
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The World Through the Eyes of Alexander von Humboldt
Only a few books left! (60€)

“My book arrived today and while I must say that I was expecting something in the realms of ‘pretty good’ everything about this publication is simply breath-taking.
From the clean layout and design, to the different sorts of quality paper and paper sizes each matched to their own function (of that page or pages), to the trilingual text, and – most importantly – the ‘picture perfect’ Humboldt reproductions that are the heart and soul of the project – this is a book in the grand old tradition of fine editions.
I have quite a few books and if anyone ever asks me to show them a recent example of a superb publication I’ll hand them this one – just to see their jaws drop and their tongues salivate.”
Robert Walker
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Isaac Newton’s Opticks reissue
(Available Feb 2019)

Isaac Newton’s College Notebook
(Available Feb 2019)

Euclid’s Elements. Completing Byrne’s work.
(Available early 2019)

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A series of portraits of Sir Isaac Newton – illustrated by our favourite artists from across the globe.

One image, interpreted in multiple styles – curated by Kronecker Wallis.

Isaac Newton by Jotaká
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Isaac Newton by Miguel Bustos
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