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Terms and Conditions & Privacy policy

1. General Terms and Conditions of Use of the website:

The website is available to all users (“User” or “You”) and its use is subject to these general terms and conditions (“T&C”). When you register for a service through the website, or use this site for any other purpose, you accept the terms and conditions of use of this website.

The bearded S.L.U., with registered address c/Benet Mateu 40, 08034, Barcelona, Spanish Tax ID Number: B65979262, is the owner of the following websites:

The bearded S.L.U. websites aim to provide information to Internet users about the company and its products.

The User states that he or she is above legal age, can be legally bound by this agreement and use these websites in accordance with these T&C, which he or she acknowledges and understands in their entirety.

Under no circumstances shall underage minors purchase or register for services without authorization from their parents or their legal guardian through the website or any other web page that belongs to the Company. The User states that all the information he or she provides to access these websites, before and during its use, is true, complete and accurate, and he or she agrees to keep this information updated at all times.

These websites are solely and exclusively for personal use by the User. Their modification, reproduction, duplication, copy, distribution, sale, resale or any other form of exploitation for commercial or any equivalent purposes is strictly prohibited.

The User agrees not to use these websites for illegal or prohibited purposes. The User specifically agrees the products he or she purchases through these websites shall be for personal use only or for use by people who are legally authorized to use them.


2. Industrial and Intellectual Property

The User acknowledges and accepts that all contents shown on the websites, specifically designs, texts, images, logos, icons, buttons, software, brand names, trademarks, or any other sign that could be used for industrial and/or commercial purposes, are subject to industrial and intellectual property rights.


3. Security Policy

Why use SSL: When you walk into a store, you know who you are interacting with. You see the products, brands and the store’s employees. You also know that if you have any problem with your purchase, you can walk over to the owner or the manager of the store. However, the Internet is a different story. Website visitors generally do not have a tangible way of knowing who is managing the website (it is a virtual store). When a customer visits a website and plans to make an online purchase, he or she needs to know who they are actually paying. They want to have proof of the identity of the owner of the website. Most importantly, they want to know that other Internet users cannot intercept personal information they send. This is where SSL digital certificates become important.

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a protocol developed by Netscape that permits secure communication between a web browser and a server on the global network. With this system, the web browser can authenticate the server. The SSL protocol requires the server to have a digital certificate installed in order to create a SSL connection. If a server has the SSL system and the SSL certificate by Thawte, the customer can feel sure that he or she is connecting to a secure website that guarantees the following:

Authentication: The website is truly owned by the company that installed the certificate.
Message Security: By using the original “session key”, the SSL system encrypts all the information exchanged between the server and the customers such as credit card numbers and other personal data. This guarantees that personal information may not be deciphered if unauthorized people intercept it.
Message Integrity: The information cannot be intercepted and broken apart through the Internet. Customers benefit from this by reviewing the certificate. They can verify whether the website they have entered is the correct one. They also have the guarantee that third parties on the Internet cannot intercept their personal data or their credit card numbers

How to identify a site with SSL: A notification message will display on your screen. However, if the website has a valid, digital certificate, the user will receive information about it that comes from a Certificate Authority (like Thawte). Because of this, any information provided to this website will be encrypted. By reviewing the certificate, the customer may verify the website is valid and find out who it belongs to.

The role of Thawte: Thawte grants server certificates to organizations and individuals all over the world. The role of Thawte primarily is verifying the company that requests a certificate is actually what it says it is and that it has received authorization for the certificate. Thawte also proves the company is the actual owner of the domain in question. Thawte certificates operate between each other without any problems using the latest software published by Microsoft and other manufacturers. You can therefore be sure that purchasing the Thawte Server Certificate will provide the confidence needed to make online transactions on the website.


4. Limitation of Liability

The bearded S.L.U., offers this website “as is” and spends as much time as possible keeping it updated and functioning correctly.

The bearded S.L.U., publishes varied information on its websites about its products and services.

The limitation of liability for The bearded S.L.U. shall be in accordance with applicable laws at all times.


5. Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy describes how The bearded S.L.U. uses the information it collects online through its websites.The bearded S.L.U. recommends having the User review the “Privacy Policy” periodically since it may have been amended or changed.

The bearded S.L.U. collects the necessary data provided by the User through its websites when he or she purchases a product. This data is stored in a file managed by The bearded S.L.U., with registered address c/ Benet Mateu 40, 08034, Barcelona, Spain.

The bearded S.L.U. uses the information to manage the commercial relationship with its customers, respond to their requests, tailor promotions, inform customers about its products and send them special offers on different The bearded S.L.U. products.

This data shall be processed with maximum privacy, confidentiality and security according to current legislation.

The User may exercise his or her rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by contacting the main headquarters situated on c/ Benet Mateu 40, 08034, Barcelona, Spain.

This communication from the User should contain:
First name and last name of the individual as well as a photocopy of their national identity card or passport.
Petition that specifies the request
Address for notification purposes as well as the date and signature of the requestor.

If the petition does not meet all the established requirements, The bearded S.L.U. will ask the requestor to rectify them.

The The bearded S.L.U. websites do not request or compile personal information from minors under 14 years old without verified authorization from their parents or legal guardians. If a The bearded S.L.U. employee finds out that a minor under 14 years old has violated these measures in place and provided their personal data online, he or she will adopt all reasonable measures to eliminate this information from its databases and ensure this information cannot be used for any purpose.



The bearded S.L.U. (hereinafter THE VENDOR) with Tax Identification Code B65979262 and registered office at C/Benet Mateu 40, 08034, Barcelona, Spain, presents the following commercial offer, against consideration, of the products included on its website (hereinafter THE WEBSITE). The sale of these products will be governed by the following general terms and conditions for purchasing, which the buyer is deemed to accept on buying any product from THE WEBSITE using its purchasing procedure. These general purchasing conditions apply to all the products offered for sale on THE WEBSITE, and may be amended without prior notice, which will not affect those purchases already made.


Once the payment of the order has been confirmed, the deliveries will be sent from the warehouse of The bearded S.L.U. or its suppliers to the delivery address provided by the user, in a period of approximately 12 working days in Spain.

The bearded S.L.U. will do everything in its power to comply with the delivery times indicated above, and if it learns that, for whatever reason, it will be unable to do so, it will inform the user by email.


The prices of the products offered on THE WEBSITE are shown in euros, with Value Added Tax (VAT) being charged at the rate in force at the time of purchase.

Buyers exempt from payment of VAT should make this known at the time of ordering, in which case this tax will not be charged.


In certain cases and to prevent possible attempts at fraud, The bearded S.L.U. reserves the right to request that a customer uses a specific form of payment if his/her identity cannot be reliably verified. THE VENDOR will not see or know the credit card data provided by the buyer, who will be responsible for any fraudulent use thereof.


Products in their original condition can be returned if postmarked within 30 days of the delivery of the original shipment to the buyer.

The user will not have the right to cancel the purchase of a product that have started the shipping process.


The products offered on the website and their prices will be available for purchase for as long as they are found in the product catalogue included on the site.

The promotional codes and one-off offers are publicised on THE WEBSITE at the beginning of the product ordering process.


All the purchasing procedure, including the transmission of the purchaser’s personal and credit card data, is carried out with full guarantees of security and confidentiality, using a secure server (with https).

In order to make a purchase, users must start the purchasing process, when their browser will show them a security notice. This information means that all data entered from that point are protected by the SSL encryption system (see section 3. Security policy, for further information). At the end of the process, the order is sent electronically to The bearded S.L.U. for processing.


The personal data collected in the purchasing process on THE WEBSITE will be used by THE VENDOR to complete the purchase, collect payment and issue the invoice, the data in question having been requested for these purposes. Users may exercise their rights of access, modification, objection and cancellation by contacting THE VENDOR at the address indicated at the beginning of this document.

Buyers must provide true and current data; all consequences arising from the provision of incorrect data will be their responsibility.


If any circumstance arises or buyers have any doubts about the purchasing or delivery or products, they may contact THE VENDOR using the Contact page.


If the product purchased turns out to be defective, The bearded S.L.U. will replace it. In such cases, the replacement will always be the same article or reference. Only the first shipment will be invoiced; The bearded S.L.U. will cover the costs of the new shipment.

If a product other than that ordered by the customer is delivered due to error on the part of The bearded S.L.U., this will be taken back and the correct product delivered at no additional cost to the buyer.


The purchasing system is governed by the legislation in force in Spain; hence sales transactions will be understood to be carried out at the registered office of The bearded S.L.U.: c/ Benet Mateu 40, 08034 (Barcelona, Spain).


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