Nikola Tesla’s Patents book

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All of Nikola Tesla’s US Patents

500 fascinating pages of patents and technical illustrations, illuminating Tesla’s wonderfully inventive mind.

If you have reached this point, we don’t need to introduce you to Nikola Tesla. Just like the names of our books, we will save you that presentation 🙂

Let us say, at least, that the wonderful inventive mind of Tesla could be captured in his patents. Tesla was prolific in patents and even today, the exact total number of Nikola Tesla patents around the world is in doubt. But it’s a fact that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has registered 112 patents of Nikola Tesla.

Like many, we have always been fascinated by old technical illustration and, specifically, “cut-away” illustrations.

We introduce you to our 500-page book of Tesla’s patents registered in the USA, arranged chronologically with their illustrations and patent description.

We printed 900 books in the first print run. And as a small print run, we encourage you to guarantee your copy if you like it.

Technically speaking, we made a book of 20 x 27 cm in format. We have chosen a premium paper designed for offset printing, Munken Polar, where the crisp white tone and its smooth uncoated surface provides an exclusive and natural feel.


Why not add patents published in other countries?

We thought about it initially, but due to the quality of the original materials from some countries and the repetition of patents already published in the USA, we had to make a choice. Sometimes you have to make painful decisions to avoid making a book that is too long, that does not have good quality in its illustrations and is repetitive.

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