Isaac Newton’s Opticks


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Since our Newton’s Opticks was out of stock, we have received a lot of messages asking for a reprint. Well, let’s try and do that now.
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The books could be ready at the end of May.

Our reissue of Isaac Newton’s Opticks

There is no art without perception of colors and light.

We have set out to create a unique book, following the philosophy of our previous books. A book able to capture the attention not only of scientists excited about the science of Newton, but also artists or designers.

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We have created a book where color is the protagonist. From a cover that reflects the light to show us the tones that Newton described, to interiors tinted by his rainbow.

The cover is made with a reflective paper that makes it ‘interactive’. As you move it – the light angles change and colors are shown. Just as Newton did with the sunlight through the prisms.

The inner pages are also colored, making gradient color changes throughout the book and differentiating the sections through different colors. Turning the book into an explosion of color, with an elegant layout.

Each chapter is defined by a new colour – following a colour gradient. Once you are within that chapter, the colour remains along the interior spine. This pattern repeats until the end of the book.

Kronecker Wallis Opticks reissue features:

  • 148 x 210 mm size (din-A5)
  • Around 500 pages
  • Holographic film cover
  • Engravings in stamping
  • Spine lined in cloth
  • Gradient colored interior pages

This book will be unique, made almost by hand, with a small print run. A beautiful book to collect, touch, browse or offer as a gift. Transmitting the scientific culture that Newton gave us.

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