Astronomia Nova (Johannes Kepler)


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Whether or not you deem yourself a science enthusiast, all of us have heard the names Copernicus, Kepler (or Galileo at least). Scientists. All who changed the way we see the universe – they changed how one understood humanity.

Discovering the History of Astronomy – Scientists who changed the way we see the Universe’, is a six book collection starting with Copernicus, Brahe, Kepler and Galileo. All books will be translated into English. Pre-order available now. Discount link for the entire collection here.

We are creating a ‘galaxy’ of books – each one inspired by a different planet. With that metaphor in mind – special printing techniques have been applied to the cover of each book to reflect the planet they represent and create an experience for the reader, as they discover the title of each book.


Astronomia Nova

Published in 1609, Astronomia Nova, is recognized as one of the most important works of the scientific revolution.

In this book, Kepler’s first two laws of planetary movement are presented, which was a major change in astronomy. Results of his investigations appear over more than ten years on the movement of the planets.

In Astronomia nova, Kepler introduced the idea of elliptical orbits.

We have linked Astronomia Nova to Earth. Earth is the planet of life, of growth. To discover the title of this book, you ‘remove’ part of the cover. You can then plant the removed piece into the earth and grow a plant, as the material we use is mixed with real seeds.