On the Origin of Species



Project status: work in progress.

There are already many editions of this book, but we couldn’t help but see a Kronecker Wallis-style version. Besides, as a publisher specializing in the history of science, this book is an essential addition to the catalogue.

We are working on a 500-page hardcover edition full of details in a 15×21 cm format. With Darwin’s first edition (1859) text, we are designing a clean publication arranged with beautiful illustrations taken from the essential explorers’ journals such as Alexander von Humboldt, Ernst Haeckel, Anna Atkins, …

A true ode to nature.

Reduced early-orders price: €50

We started working on the content in March and it will be sent to the printing company in June to be printed late this year (2022). With your early-orders, we will buy the paper now, to ensure availability and an affordable price.

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