Portraying science


This item will be released on December 1, 2021.


Portraying science

The history of science through the portraits of its protagonists.

Inspired by the beautiful art and coffee table books, we have planned a new project.
Why not to merge beauty and science again?

More than 400 pages! full of portraits of scientists from the 16th to 19th century.

Men and women who marked the history of natural sciences and mathematics such as: Copernicus, Leonhard Euler, Galileo Galilei, Pascal, Kepler, Émilie du Châtelet, Edmond Halley, Leibniz, Isaac Newton, Ada Lovelace, Bernoulli, Napier, Fermat, Boyle, Caroline Herschel, William Harvey, Celsius, James Cook, Mary Somerville, Ampere, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Lagrange, Pasteur, Laplace, Avogadro, Boltzmann, Antoine Lavoisier, Legendre, Maria Mitchell, Carl Linnaeus, Charles Darwin, Gregor Mendel, Dmitri Mendeleev, Volta, John Dalton, Torricelli, Riemann, Fourier, Ernst Haeckel, Alexander von Humboldt, Laura Bassi… and very many more.

Figures from the world of mathematics, physics, chemistry, astronomy, biology and botany, ordered chronologically.

Oil on canvas, tempera, studio photographs, engraved portraits… a complete intersection between art and science in a 20 x 15 cm book.

Why pre-order it? With your pre-orders we will know if the project is viable, how many books to print (usually we print as many books as you pre-ordered or similar), and will help us finish the design and be able to cost the printing.
Printing is always the most expensive part of our projects because we try to choose premium materials. So pre-ordering is of great help and without it, the project would never be possible.

We need 200 pre-ordered books to reach the funding goal. That goal also will help us finish the documentation process, finding all the desired portraits of a good quality. The book would be issued this December.

This new book will cost €50 until June 10th and we have enabled to also obtain a shipping flat rate at a reduced price, as a sign of gratitude for your initial support.

So now you can also add as many extra copies as you wish without increasing the shipping price.

To those who buy more than one book, we will give them 10 postcards of the portraits of prominent figures in the book.

After June 10th, the book will cost €60 and the shipping cost could be increased slightly.

For those who want an extra incentive if they increase their help, we have devised different rewards from our previous campaigns.

A set of tote bags with a few scientists (take a look!)We will ask you which bags you prefer before printing it. The bags will be sent in the book package.

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